Well Pump Services in Northern New Mexico

D C Pump Service offers comprehensive care for your well and pump systems. With industry-leading experience, we are the premier well pump company in Northern New Mexico. Our full-service provisions include:shutterstock_166583519

  • Solar pump installation: Are you off the power grid? Do you want an environmentally friendly system? We specialize in solar pump installations to get you up and running, even without city power.
  • Solar pump maintenance: For smooth operations and extended longevity of your system, it’s important to properly maintain your solar pump. Our experts will ensure everything is running optimally, to prevent costly repairs down the line.
  • Solar pump repair: Does your solar pump need some TLC? Our expertise includes detailed repairs of these units. We’ll have you back to fully operational in no time.
  • Well cleaning: When you need well cleaning in Northern New Mexico, D C Pump Service is your perfect partner. We provide detailed well cleaning to keep your well in top shape.
  • Well maintenance: Regular service of your well will keep things running smoothly. We offer the maintenance you need to ensure a top-functioning system.
  • Well pump installation: When it’s time to install a new system, D C Pump Service has you covered. Whether you need to replace an old system or are installing one at a new location, we are ready to assist you with well pump installation in Northern New Mexico.
  • Well pump repairs: D C Pump Service offers in-depth knowledge of well pumps, to properly identify issues, locate problems and efficiently make repairs. Don’t wait until the problem worsens. Call us today.
  • Well re-casing: Well re-casing is often needed when an older well has accumulated a lot of rust and sand. The well is deteriorating, but we can save it from caving by lining it (re-casing it) with PVC pipe.

D C Pump Service is proud to offer solar pumps and well pumps from industry leading brands, including Franklin Electric and Grundfos. Contact D C Pump Service today to schedule your next service or obtain a free estimate. Reach our expert staff any time at 575-770-9025.